Balancing Design and Performance

high-performance-designBack in the days of dial-up internet, websites were designed to be functional, but offered little in the way of aesthetics as there would be too much information for the user to download. In today’s modern world of fibre-optic broadband, designing a website packed with eye-catching visuals is a given, but it’s still important that functionality is balanced with aesthetics. If you ask the best SEO company, they will tell you that what goes on behind the scenes is just as important as what occurs visually, but they should also provide Search Engine Optimisation services that will work with your web design, and not compromise it. But getting this balance of deisgn and performance isn’t always easy. Continue reading

New Trends in Web Design

You might have noticed that a lot more websites are using the parallax scrolling feature. Not only does it make them look great, it also helps to make them more interactive – and we all know that that’s great for site visitors. In case you’ve not seen some of these new scrolling sites, here;s a short video to give you a bit of insight into the latest ‘trend’.

If you want to se more scrolling sites, and check out how much better websites can be for integrating this feature into their design, take a look at this list.

Semantic Markup & Web Design

We mentioned semantic markup in one of our previous articles, and while this subject can be pretty important when you’re looking to optimise your website and improve its performance, it can often be overlooked during the design process.

For any WordPress sedigners who are wanting to know more about Semantic Markup, we thought we’d add this video to provide a bit more detail.